fun facts

  • Reena loves shooting pool and playing table tennis.

  • Food is her second passion outside of the film industry.

  • Her big brother rocks her world, as do cats.

  • Don't ask her to choose what she likes more - Producing, Acting, Directing. 
    She loves it ALL!!!

  • Favourite Movie: Harold and Maude

  • Favourite Song: Billy Joel's SHE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN

  • Favourite Artist: Monet

  • Past lIfe? Probably a French chick. Before that? Probably an Egyptian.


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Photo courtesy of Daniel Reichert Photography.

why acting

Dutt is an actor of Film, TV, and Theatre. Born in Jersey City and raised in North Carolina and Arizona by an engineer and artist, she considers herself a city girl with a country soul.  


One of my favourite monologues comes from Diana Son's STOP KISS. In a speech by the character of Callie, she talks about speaking 'truth to power' in the context of her love being attacked and left for permanent disability and brain damage. Truth to Power reflects the ability (and confines) of speaking publicly about the crime and its affects on the LGBT community.


The media, stage/television/film/radio, has an enormous influence on perception of communities and people. It's one of the quickest ways to normalize "The Other". 


As an actor, one has the opportunity to pick roles that allow that influence to be a positive one for the next generation...and by 'positive', sometimes that just means their existence and fair/accurate representation is relevant - if that representation is fleshed out and has a positive impact on American social culture, even better.


For that reason, I want to speak truth to power as a storyteller - and be a part of the the change we'd like to see happen. From LION and MOONLIGHT, to BRIDESMAIDS, TRAINWRECK or TALLUHEH, and the plethory of examples on television, I'd like to be a part of that movement.

TV: “Castle” (ABC), “Whitey” (A&E Pilot), “Criminal Minds” (CBS), “Medium” (NBC), “Out of Practice” (CBS). Web: “The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else”, “Kiss Her I'm Famous” (TelloFilms.com), “Squad 85” (YOMYOMF.com); Theatre: (NYC) Air Raid (The National Asian American Theatre Company @HERE! Arts Center), White Cotton (NYC International Fringe Festival), MCC, Ars Nova (development workshops); (LA) Alena’s Boy (Global Theatre Project), The Godbotherers (Furious Theatre), The Prince of Delhi Palace (Mark Taper Forum's New Works Festival), Holy Ghost, The Holy Mother of Hadley New York, Titus Andronicus (Theatre of NOTE), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Will & Co.), East West Players, The Matrix Theatre, A Noise Within, and Rogue Machine (staged readings).  Film: “June, Adrift” (TBR), “As Good As You” (TBR), “Shameless”, “Troublemaker”, “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World”, “FillumStar: The Peter Patel Story”, “The Heart Specialist”.
Training: William Esper Studio NYC. Founder: Painted Tree Road. Co-founder: Off-Chance Productions.  [Create with a conscience] www.ReenaDutt.com