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by David Johann Kim

Chalk Repertory (SoCal)

Daniel Pang returns home to LA’s Koreatown stepping into an unexpected life. Twenty years after the LA Riots, the family business is gone, his brother is gone, and his parents are disappearing with dementia. As Daniel juggles his parents’ care and idiosyncratic neighbors a flinty young army vet arrives on a mission forcing him to confront his past. PANG SPA is a Los Angeles, K-town dramedy celebrating family, memory and identity through a journey of healing.

DANIEL | Ben Carrol

DORA | Jasmine Kimiko

TAE | Hahn Cho

AVY | Christopher Callen

MRS. WEISS | Dian Kobayashi

YONG | Edward Hong

Stage Manager | Roella Dellosa

Scenic Design | Justin Huen

Costume Design | Maria Hong

Lighting Design | Xinyuan Li

Sound Design | Austin Quan

Fight/Intimacy Choreographer | Rachel Flesher

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