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AMERICAN FAST (Midwestern Premiere)
by Kareem Fahmy

Constellation Stage and Screen (Bloomington, Indiana)

College basketball superstar Khady Salama dreams of leading her team to the NCAA Championship but March Madness coincides with Ramadan and she’s promised her devout mother that she’ll fast. When Khady unexpectedly becomes a role model for young Muslim women everywhere, with just one small problem…she’s lying about fasting. Khady is forced to grapple with her faith, family, and what it means to win at all costs.

KHADY | Victoria Nassif

SUZAN | Haneen Arafat

COACH | Taylar

GABE | Austin Michael Young.

Stage Manager | Tabitha Burton

Asst. Stage Manager | Katie Ayer

Scenic Design | Xinyuen (Lee) Li

Projections Design | Cinthia Chen

Costume Design | Kathryn Rohe

Sound Design | Glenn M. Schuster

Lighting Design | Azra King-Abadi

Props Master | Aubrey Krueger

Intimacy Consultant | Victoria Nassif

Cultural Consultant | Sherouk Asaad Ahmed

Dialect Consultant | Denmo Ibrahim

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