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Los Angeles Times Critic's Choice


LATimes (ANTIGONE, PRESENTED BY... by Madhuri Shekar)


"If ever there was a theatrical production from Los Angeles to be worthy for transfer to New York this is it! ....... RENT may never be the same! If it were up to me I'd pack up the whole production as is and put it on a fast plane to NYC! (After an extended run it LA of course) Congratulations Coeurage, you took a chance and it paid off. This show is an unqualified winner!"

Performing Arts LIVE (RENT by Jonathan Larson)

Def 3.jpg

...Defenders is a gripping and thought-provoking piece that uses its small black box space to its fullest awe-dropping potential with ...Reena Dutt guiding the ship with precision and passion.

Nerds of Color (DEFENDERS, by Cailin Harrison)

Dutt’s direction is in all ways inspired, from the show’s physical staging to the performances she has elicited from her performers, a number of whom defy preconceived notions of age, ethnicity, and body type established by the musical’s original cast performers.

StageScene LA (RENT, by Jonathan Larson)

Artists Repertory Theatre_The Hombres_Tyler Caffall_Phillip Ray Guevara_Photo Credit_Lava

Every once in a while, a play completely renews my
faith in humanity...Just please take my word for it and go see this beautiful play.

Broadway World (THE HOMBRES, by Tony Meneses)

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