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by Shelagh Stephenson


How far are we from the past? 200 hundred years apart – under the same roof. In 1799, scientists focus on a Scottish maid with a severe spine-related disability; in 1999, the debate centers on the ethics of using human embryos for stem cell research. The narrative weaves both eras together in an exploration of society, gender, and morality on the path to scientific progress.


Fenwick: Paul Sohm

Susannah: Beverly Steel

Harriet: Sophie Alter

Maria: Liv Harper & Elizabeth Goldmane

Roget: Maddison Rivera

Armstrong: Connor Fitzmaurice

Isobel: Tristan Samson

Ellen: Atlas Alma

Tom: Luca Jarosz

Phil: Steele Howell

Kate: Aanya Pawar


Director: Reena Dutt

Scenic Designer: Charlie Jacobs

Lighting Designer: Christopher Akerlind

Sound Designer: M. Glenn Schuster

Costume Designer: Arthur Siprut

Technical Director: Nichole Miller

Intimacy Coordinator: Emily Barasch

Fight Choreographer: Ed Monaghan

Dialect Coach: Mary Claire Garcia

Producer: Fina Zhou

Stage Manager: Macy E. Kunke

Production Manager: Bill Ballou

Assistant Scenic Designers: Victoria Solorio, Nick Sassano, Nat Gandolf

Assistant Lightning Designers: Alejandro Melendez, Becky King

Assistant Costume Designers: Briana Newson, Grace Fredette

Assistant Sound Designer: Amelia Anello

Assistant Dialect Coach: Atlas Alma

Assistant Stage Manager: Jacob Padilla

Assistant Production Manager: Clara King

Graphic Designer: Grisis Yu

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